Mansion Grounds

Layout for the mansion grounds, with some labels. ‘Bout ready to build this sucker.

Mansion Grounds

Mansion Grounds Layout



Pretty satisfied with this mansion design. I probably won’t be making the interior, given that I’m only one person. If I were making more than one area, the majority of the game would be set inside the mansion and the sub-levels underneath. I’ll probably at least make some sketches of what they might look like, at some point.

Mansion sketches

Another Haunted Mansion Sketch

I think I’m damn near close to happy with the mansion setting, I can start laying out specifics, design what the mansion itself will look like, and actually start building it pretty soon.Mansion Again

Point and Click

I’ve been poking at this for a while, but I finally got dynamic loading sorted out so it actually sort of looks like something and I can show that something to people and they will understand what they are seeing! I started with the intention of splitting all the assets into their own files for manageability and I wasn’t about to compromise that for the sake of pushing out a video sooner.

Made almost entirely in Blender I sculpted the character in Sculptris but then modeled, skinned, textured, and animated the game-res version inside Blender. The game itself runs in the Blender Game Engine, yadda yadda yadda.

Still working on smoothing out animations (right now there’s no turning animation at all, it just jumps right to walking forward) Definitely got a ways to go (the bulk of the work will be making assets), but so far what’s there is pretty solid. The player can click where they want to walk (if they can’t walk there the cursor changes), the character paths to that location. If there is something that can be examined, the cursor changes to an eye and the player can click on that and text will show. I’m in the process of adding actual interactions with objects. What more could a person possibly want in a game?

Accidental Hiatus over? Possibly.

I’ve been horribly neglecting this blog! What art I have been posting online has gone to my Tumblr instead. Whoops! Here’s the models I’m currently working on/retouching. They’re all made for in-game purposes, so we’re talking low poly with normals and whatnot. I’ve been messing around with using softbodies for the tunic of the warrior woman in the middle, but game engine the softbody support in Blender is marginal at best so I may try a different engine or just hand-animate. The bomber jacket girl and bat guy haven’t changed much, the zombie boy and ghost girl have textures (for the most part) and the jester guy is new.

It’s an offline render just to get around Blender’s awful real-time alpha handling; I disabled ray tracing and AO and such so other than the better antialiasing it may as well be a real-time render.Image

In other news, I haven’t drawn it yet but I had an idea to make the sky islands project less generic! I’ve been frustrated with that one for a while. I like the idea of sky islands but there’s just so many fantasy worlds with floating islands and whatnot that I just couldn’t bring myself to make another one. I’ll be doing sketching for that while I make the environment for the zombie ghost project, I guess.

Dynamic Hair and Cloth!

I’m mostly finished with my dynamic cloth and hair solver for Blender. Pretty solid (the collision isn’t as stable as it could be, though), simple script, simple-ish setup (I had been hoping to make it all contained within one armature, and that’s still probably possible but I’m still struggling my way through vector math and converting to local space in relation to a chain of parents is a tad beyond me at the moment… the game engine does that part for me at the object level but if I were controlling specific bones I would have to set up the math myself), I’m pretty happy with it.

Whoops, forgot to post

Well I went ahead and sculpted up the ghost girl, I’m nearly done retopo-ing her too but I’m going to bed so I’m just going to post the sculpt.

I’ve spent a fair bit more time scripting up the basis for the game but it’s  not quite at a point where it looks like anything. I’m still relearning a lot of things about the game engine and my next step is to figure out dynamic loading of assets, so I can have actual models and not just a bunch of cubes for characters. I also have to finish the game-res ghost girl, and then texture her and the zombie boy, and make them some actual scenery. I don’t think I’ll be done with this by Halloween but that won’t stop me from trying.