Zombie Shaders and Shapekeys

Well, I haven’t actually painted into the textures yet, but I blocked in the colors and assembled the shader and spend a heckuva lotta time getting shapekeys set up for the face (When I realized I’d forgotten to give him teeth or a tongue or the inside of his mouth I added it, and it wreaked havoc with the shapes I had made), now I can animate his expressions and whatnot. Also I slapped together some random orange light balls and ran it in the game engine to make sure everything rendered right during runtime. It does!

Also, the geometry is finalized now, at 5610 triangles. Now he’s got a 1024 square normal map, a 1024 square diffuse map, and two 512 square maps for SSS (one is grayscale tho so it’s a lot smaller) I’ll top it off with a 1024 square spec map when I’ve made some progress on the diffuse. Might be able to get away with 512 plus a detail texture, I’m going for a fairly simple and cartoony look.


Zombie Progress

For the past week or so I’ve  been spending most of my time in the good ol’ Blender Game Engine making the framework for a game that will take me, by way of the current halloweeny mini-project, back to the sky islands project. In the meantime, I’ve modeled, rigged, and unwrapped the in-game zombie boy (5270 triangles), and baked across the normals (1024px square normal map). The next step is to give him some asymmetry in the model (such as the poof of hair on his right) and then paint up some textures.

I may knock in an extra faceloop or two on the shoulders, too, they’re looking a little rough.

Zombie Boy Sculpt

Behold, an update! Here’s a sculpt of the zombie boy. Hard to tell he’s a zombie just now, what with no armature or textures.

It appears that the combination of Sculptris and my computer are unable to handle sculpting this model, as soon as I turned off symmetry it slowed to a crawl. Thus, he doesn’t have a number of details such as shoelaces and the like- and the clothing wrinkles are all totally symmetrical which bugs the heck out of me. I’ll see what I can do about adding them to the normal map manually, I suppose. Definitely looking forward to the day when I can afford a more capable sculpting program.

Halloweeny sketchies

I’ve been really enjoying sculpting again, so I’ve decided to make a couple full game-ready character models, since I miss the whole sculpt-retopo-rig-texture process. With halloween coming up, I figured I’d make a couple characters as though I was making them for a spooky-themed game. I’ve no intention of actually making the game but it would be a platformer/puzzle-type game where you play a girl who’s a ghost, and to interact with the environment you  have to posses your friend who has been turned into a zombie; by switching back and forth from the incorporeal ghost and possessing the zombie friend, you would work to undo the curse put on the two of you (or maybe the whole town?) and return to your normal living selves.

It’s a person!

More 3d sketching. I make up for days of no posts by sometimes posting a lot! It’s time for me to really get hair down. The combination of my inexperience sculpting hair and Sculptris’ simple tools meant my first shot wasn’t terribly impressive. Still, you can at least see what I’m going for.

Perhaps in the near future I’ll spend some time sculpting from photographs and whatnot. Perhaps a supermodel-y picture with flowy hair!


More 3d sketching. This guy is part robot. His father was a Roomba.


Taking a break from my sky islands stuff, doing some 3d sketching. It’s possible I’m feeling a tad halloweeny.