Zombie Shaders and Shapekeys

Well, I haven’t actually painted into the textures yet, but I blocked in the colors and assembled the shader and spend a heckuva lotta time getting shapekeys set up for the face (When I realized I’d forgotten to give him teeth or a tongue or the inside of his mouth I added it, and it wreaked havoc with the shapes I had made), now I can animate his expressions and whatnot. Also I slapped together some random orange light balls and ran it in the game engine to make sure everything rendered right during runtime. It does!

Also, the geometry is finalized now, at 5610 triangles. Now he’s got a 1024 square normal map, a 1024 square diffuse map, and two 512 square maps for SSS (one is grayscale tho so it’s a lot smaller) I’ll top it off with a 1024 square spec map when I’ve made some progress on the diffuse. Might be able to get away with 512 plus a detail texture, I’m going for a fairly simple and cartoony look.


Let me know what you think!

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