Accidental Hiatus over? Possibly.

I’ve been horribly neglecting this blog! What art I have been posting online has gone to my Tumblr instead. Whoops! Here’s the models I’m currently working on/retouching. They’re all made for in-game purposes, so we’re talking low poly with normals and whatnot. I’ve been messing around with using softbodies for the tunic of the warrior woman in the middle, but game engine the softbody support in Blender is marginal at best so I may try a different engine or just hand-animate. The bomber jacket girl and bat guy haven’t changed much, the zombie boy and ghost girl have textures (for the most part) and the jester guy is new.

It’s an offline render just to get around Blender’s awful real-time alpha handling; I disabled ray tracing and AO and such so other than the better antialiasing it may as well be a real-time render.Image

In other news, I haven’t drawn it yet but I had an idea to make the sky islands project less generic! I’ve been frustrated with that one for a while. I like the idea of sky islands but there’s just so many fantasy worlds with floating islands and whatnot that I just couldn’t bring myself to make another one. I’ll be doing sketching for that while I make the environment for the zombie ghost project, I guess.


Let me know what you think!

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