Still more costumes!

Decided I should back up a bit and sketch a little looser, but focus on a single subject at a time in my sketching. Here’s some sketches of women’s clothes. Due to the fairly high-work life they lead, almost all their clothing is at least fairly utility-oriented. Gear for exploring islands must be focused on both shielding the user from sunlight and high winds during the flight, and protecting from and lasting through the bumps and scrapes of climbing on a rocky, often barren surface. Upon landing on an island to be explored, tough plate-like cured hides are strapped to the body to provide extra protection for areas such as the shoulders and knees while avoiding limiting movement as much as possible. Flight hedgear, with visors designed to provide maximum visibility, are swapped out for climbing helmets using as little of the easily-shattered resin as possible and providing a more durable and protective, albeit heavier and less comfortable, helmet.


Next up I think I will return to drawing scenery and settings, while I work on developing some actual characters to make clothes for.


Let me know what you think!

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