More costumes

Quick sketches again. Sometime soon maybe I’ll really sit down and do some more focused designing. In the meantime, some practical clothing!

Due to the severely crippled state of the protective atmosphere in the world of the floating islands, prolonged exposure to direct sunlight is dangerous. The people are largely nocturnal, but if a person wants to travel off the islands, or do work that requires high visibility, they must do so by daylight. While normally their clothes are light and breathable, they can quickly and easily be converted to provide full skin coverage if one is unexpectedly without shade, or traveling off the island where winds are harsh. A hood is sewn into most outfits, and if sleeves and gloves are not attached, they are stored in pouches or pockets. Resin made from sap of a certain kind of tree can be worked to make eye protection that also provides a measure of shading for the sensitive, night-adjusted eyes of the wearer.


Let me know what you think!

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