Two posts in one day!

I figure I should get some scenery under my belt, so here’s a start on some grass and rocks. Normals only, I haven’t made diffuse or specular textures for anything. A thousand planes even for the grass (five blades of grass on each plane, but they’re clip alpha mapped on so it doesn’t hit the game engine much harder than a single plane) and 54 faces for each rock. I should probably put more blades on each grass plane to cut down on face count, but I’m pretty happy with it for a first attempt.

Blender is really weird with alpha face sorting, and its shadow support isn’t very good… I think come tomorrow I shall be exporting everything to Unreal Engine 3 to get better display results. Point in case: For some reason Blender won’t shade the back side of faces properly, so my hack-fix is to duplicate the grass faces and invert the normals of those, resulting in double the face count than I should have. Exported to any decent game engine I will have half that face count.


Let me know what you think!

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