Wonderfully Simple Shaders

I had been hoping to finish this guy before I visited the land of “I’m-not-lugging-my-desktop-along-with-me,-thanks” but I didn’t so I suppose I’ll have to finish him when I get back.

In the meantime, I  figured I’d show off this wonderful subsurface scattering shader (that’s phenomenon where light travels through materials such as skin, and certain colored light- red, in the case of skin- gets re-emitted more softly and diffused than it entered), adapted from an article I saw on the internet that one time. The shader itself is very simple to implement with Blender’s node shaders (and therefore, I suspect, most any realtime 3d engine) and remarkably versatile (it reacts properly to colored lights, and excessively bright or very dim lights, and lights from many directions)

Here’s the model I’m working on with the stock Blender shader (normal and diffuse maps, no spec map just yet)

And here he is with the SSS shader applied (I baked a thickness map by baking ambient occlusion with inverted normals, and then inverting the resulting map- and then I painted on some details that weren’t in the geometry)

And finally, my node setup for the curious.

I’m not sure how interested in this sort of thing all y’all are, but I love explaining stuff so I could go on all day about my process.


Let me know what you think!

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